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Polymer tanning agent with Ultra performance and 'Unique' molecular weight

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polymer product molecular weight
In leather chemical, one of the most concerned question in the discussion of polymer products is that, weather the product is a micro or macro-molecule product.
Because among the polymer products, molecular weight ( to be precise, the average molecular weight. a polymer product contains micro and macro-molecule components, thus when speaking of molecular weight, it usually refers to the average molecular weight.) is one of the principle bases of the product’s properties, it might affect the product’s filling, penetrating property as well as the soft and suave handle of the leather it could endow.

Of course, the final property of a polymer product is related to various factors such as the polymerization, chain length, chemical structure, functionalities, hydrophilic groups, etc. The molecular weight could not be regarded to as the sole reference of the product property.
The molecular weight of most of the polymer retanning agents on the market is around 20000 to 100000 g/mol, the properties of products with molecular weight within this interval shows more balanced property.

However, the molecular weight of two of Decision’s products is outside of this interval in the opposite direction.


Micro-molecule polymer tanning agent
Macro-molecule polymer tanning agent
Its molecular weight has reached up to around 3000, it’s close to the usual molecular weight range of syntan.
As it has the structure of polymer tanning agent and the physical size of syntan, it possesses some very unique properties——
● Excellent dispersion property compared with conventional polymer tanning agent.
● Property of Improving the absorption and fixing of chrome powder
● Ability of facilitating the even penetration and fixation of fatliquor in the cross section of leather.


Comparing to the ‘mini’ molecular weight of DESOATEN LP, DESOATEN SR has molecular weight that is ‘super’. And it also possesses certain unique property due to its large molecular weight.

Endows the grain with extreme tightness


Soft polymer




Compact polymer

Superb filling property and the property of endowing leather with extreme fullness

Meanwhile, it is also proven in the actual application, that DESOATEN SR has irreplaceable property in treating very lose wet blue, in facilitating the production of shoe upper leather, smooth grain leather sofa, sheepskin leather articles and other products. As for conventional products, with reasonable design of combination of products, even with little dosage can it bring excellent result.

As a matter of fact, for tanning, whether it’s the ‘big’ DESOATEN SR or the ‘small’ DESOATEN LP, as long as it’s well utilized, it might bring incredible result!

Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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