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Guide to avoiding misconceptions

Decision’s recommendation of professional soaking auxiliaries

Surfactants are a complex system, though they could be all called surfactants, their specific use and application might be completely different. For instance, during the tanning process, surfactants could be used as penetrating agent, leveling agent, wetting back, degreasing, fatliquoring, retanning, emulsifying or bleaching products.

However, when two surfactants have the same or similar effects, there might be some confusion.

Soaking agent and degreasing agent are the two kinds of surfactant products that are often used during soaking process. Due to the certain degree of washing and wetting ability of surfactants, some factories would use it as washing and soaking products. However, the use of specialized ionic soaking agent is in fact essential and irreplaceable.


Non-ionic degreasing agent product shows great degreasing, decontaminating ability as well as certain penetrating ability. However, the main purpose of the soaking process is to help raw hide to wetback rapidly, sufficiently and uniformly. In this way, the product’s wetting ability and penetrability becomes more crucial. As an ionic surfactant product, DESOAGEN WT-H shows excellent property in these aspects. Even when used to cure raw hide that has been stored for longer periods, rapid and thorough wetting could also be achieved.


From comparing the result of limed hide after using the three different surfactant products respectively, we can see that, the crust after using DESOAGEN WT-H is likely to be limed uniformly and sufficiently in the liming process, the dehairing result of the hide also tends to be more thorough due to thorough wetting.

Sufficient soaking is fundamental to the stability and efficiency of the subsequent tanning process, in order to ensure the excellent quality of the finished leather.

Every product has its specialization, we aim at putting each product to its full use.

Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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