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Excellent light fastness

Decision's optimal recommendation of syntan product

There are always some classic pieces that we find in our life that make us smile every time we think of them. Like that super comfy white leather boots in your shoe cabinet.
However, it frets you sometimes to remember that over time, your favorite boots will no longer be as white and shiny, and would gradually become old and yellowish.
Now let’s find out what’s behind of the yellowing of white leather——

In 1911 AD Dr. Stiasny has developed a novel synthetic tannin that could replace vegetable tannin. In comparison with vegetable tannin, synthetic tannin is easy to produce, has great tanning property, light color and good penetrability. Thus it has come to occupy an important position in the tanning industry over the hundred years of development. In the modern tanning technology, this type of synthetic tannin is used in almost all the articles.

Due to its different structure and application, they are often called synthetic tannin, phenolic tannin, sulfonic tannin, disperse tannin, etc. The commonality of these tannins is that their monomer is usually of phenolic chemical structure.


However, when the phenolic structure is exposed to the sunlight, especially to the UV rays, it creates a color rendering structure that turns the leather yellow: The phenol structure is easily oxidized into quinone or p-quinone color-rendering structure, which is why its light fastness is relatively poor.


Comparing to synthetic tannin, polymer tannin agent and amino resin tanning agent have better anti-yellowing property, thus to leather treatment, synthetic tannins have become a weak link for anti-yellowing performance.

In order to solve this problem, Decision’s R&D team did some optimization on the phenolic structure through innovative thinking and design, and finally developed a new synthetic tannin with excellent light fastness:

Syntan with excellent light fastness

Comparing to conventional syntans, the anti-yellowing property of DESOATEN SPS has taken a significant leap——


Even comparing with conventional polymer tanning agent and amino resin tanning agent, DESOATEN SPS is able to outdo them in some aspects.
By utilizing DESOATEN SPS as the main synthetic tannin, combined with other tanning agent and fatliquors, the production of general leather and also white leather with excellent light fastness could be achieved.
So go ahead and wear your favorite white leather boots as much as you like, go by the beach and bathe in the sunlight, nothing could stop you now!


Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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