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Decision's pre-tanning Efficiency-Balance system | Decision's optimal product recommendation

Beamhouse operations Efficiency & Balancing

A brilliant team’s tacit cooperation can bring efficient work, it is the same with leather tanning. Specialized and customized set of products can facilitate the tanning process and bring out desired results.

As we all know, liming is the most important process during beamhouse operations. In this case, combined products that can provide efficiency, stability and safety would be the best choice of application in the beamhouse operations. ——


There are two types of conventional liming auxiliaries, organic sulfur and organic amine structure. Relatively speaking, organic sulfur structure has better property in the aspect of grain cleaning, while organic amine structure shows better property in the controlling of the degree of swelling and in improving the property of leather. Some tanners want to achieve both effects, and thus would choose to mix the two types of products together. However this could actually bring about opposite result due to the dosage and interference between the two products.
In Decision’s beamhouse Efficiency-Balance system, DESOAGEN LM-5 is the high content organic amine soaking auxiliary that is used to control the mild and uniform swelling of limed pelt, and provide us with a satisfying result in regard to the property of leather. Before adding LM-5, DESOAGEN SDP has already did a good job in removing the scud and providing a clean crust with clear grain.


During the subsequent swelling phase of limed pelt, using DESOAGEN POU——a special eco-friendly and highly efficient swelling agent, that facilitates the sufficient, uniform and mild swelling of pelt.

On the premise of reducing lime pollution, to get finer wet blue with less difference in the parts of the hide, higher yield of usable area and better physical property can be achieved

In conclusion, in the Efficiency-Balance system, the efficiency - controlling - efficency combination of the three products facilitates the achieving of the production of high quality limed pelt, and thereby builds a solid foundation for the making of fine wet blue leather.

Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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