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All the way to the 'formaldehyde-free' world

Recommendation of Decision’s amino resin series products

The impact caused by the free formaldehyde produced during the tanning process has been mentioned by tanneries and clients more than a decade ago. However only in recent years has the issue been taken seriously by tanners.

For both large and smaller tanneries, focus has been shifting to the testing of free formaldehyde content. Some tanneries would test every batch of their newly produced leather to ensure that their products are up to the standards.

For most people in the leather industry, the cognition of how to lower the content of free formaldehyde in the leather has been made quite clear——


Amino resin tanning agents mainly represented by melamine and dicyandiamide, are the main cause of the generation of free formaldehyde in the leather-making process and the constant discharge of formaldehyde in leather articles. Thus if amino resin products and the free formaldehyde impacts they bring can be fully controlled, the free-formaldehyde testing data can also be controlled effectively. We can say that amino resin series products are the key factor of the cause of free formaldehyde problems during the leather-making process.
Decision has been making attempts to produce low formaldehyde amino resins and formaldehyde-free amino resins. Adjustments with regard to the aspects of the content of formaldehyde and performance of tanning agents is constantly being made.
With long-term accumulation of knowledge, experience, innovation, research and development. Presently, our formaldehyde-free product layout is relatively complete. Our products have been achieving quite desirable results, both in regard with meeting up with the ‘zero formaldehyde’ demand and with enriching and improving the performance of tanning agents.



formaldehyde-free melamine tanning agent

Helps produce fine and clear grain with brilliant color


formaldehyde-free melamine tanning agent

Helps produce full and tight grain


formaldehyde-free melamine tanning agent

Grant fullness, softness and resilience to the leather


formaldehyde-free dicyandiamide tanning agent

Provides extremely tight and fine grain with great dyeing property.


formaldehyde-free dicyandiamide tanning agents

Provides tight and tensile grain

Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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